Viticulture For The Future


We believe winemaking is sacred; the vines, the land they grow in, its people, traditions, culture, and history must be shared with future generations. 

The winemakers we work with use an array of sustainable practices with the ultimate goal of producing the best quality wine while nurturing the local ecosystem for future generations of grape guardians.

They take care of the soil, salvage ancestral vines, and work alongside the natural diversity of the land. The resulting wines speak for themselves, and are a reflection of their hard work.

Wine For All

What is Albae?

The first wine club in Ontario entirely focused on the wines of Spain. As importers, we work directly with 70 artisanal Spanish wineries across all regions; gradually introducing over 200 wines, exclusively available through the club.

Artisanal, limited editions, biodynamic, low-intervention, and organic wines, made with care...for those who care.

Taste Spain

Explore With Wine

Try our monthly wine club and take your taste-buds on a trip through Spain with fresh selections each month. If monthly wine isn't your thing, we also have a basic membership so you can reserve wines when you want. 

Members also get first dibs on limited editions, special events, tastings, and organized trips to meet the winemakers.

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Our Roots

Family Run

Founded by Jose Manuel Aldomar, a 5th generation “gato” de Madrid and his son Igor Manuel, wine is deeply rooted in their family history. 

Jose and Igor personally source and import every wine, forming a close relationship with each producer.

Albae Wine Club is their effort to share their Spanish culture with Toronto.

Meet Our Small Familia

Deep Knowledge & Transparency

Wine With A Story

In a growingly chaotic world full of 15 second clips and lots of fluff, we know how important real information is. 

Know what you’re drinking through and through, learn everything about each wine by scanning our "Sommelier" QR codes on the bottle with your phone.

Go beyond tasting notes and read about the winemakers, history of the region, the terroir, how the wine is made, serving tips, pairing suggestions, and what makes each wine unique. 

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