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San Nicasio Potato Chips Hand Cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


San Nicasio Patatas Fritas - 600g (4 x 150g bags)

I have memories from my childhood of being so excited to go to the local potato chip maker in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Andalusia, to pick up a bag of hand-cut, freshly fried Spanish potato chips. When you sit at a bar in Spain, it's not uncommon to be served some complimentary patatas fritas with your drink, and there's just something about these chips that make them borderline addictive!

San Nicasio potato chips are hand cooked in small batches, in extra virgin olive oil from picudas, picuales and hojiblanca olives. After cooking, the chips are delicately sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt. The chips are made from a protected variety of Spanish potato that is non-GMO and of the highest quality, these are as gourmet as potato chips can get.

The batches of Patatas San Nicasio are produced in limited editions, always under the master touch of Rafael del Rosal.

  • 4x150g bags (total of 600g)

100% artisanal and gourmet.

Monthly wine subscriptions (Aficionado, Maestro) are delivered during the last week of each month. If you reserve a case apart from your subscription we deliver it as soon as possible.
If we don't have any cases on hand in Toronto you can pre-order any number. Please note, pre-ordered cases can take from 3 - 16 weeks to arrive due to importing processes and regulations...but don't worry, wine only gets better with age!

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