Clos Maria

Les Gibertes

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Clos Maria Les Gibertes begins with aromas of tobacco and smoked wood, to continue with notes of raisins, blackberry liqueur and plum marmalade. On the palate the tannin is velvety and friendly with a warm character that obeys the climatology of the year and the south-facing vineyards. An underlying line of cinnamon, harmonized with a fresh acidity, gives way to a creamy rich texture within an earthy scenario. A reverberating finish develops and amplifies the mineral soul.
Les Gibertes ages beautifully in the bottle; with time it mellows out and it’s flavours truly harmonize. 2016, an outstanding vintage due to exceptional weather conditions, is an ideal vintage to keep this wine for some years. High thermal amplitude affected very positively to the aromatics. Perfect for adding to the cellar.


Annual Production: 3,000 bottles (ALBAE Wine Club has access to 160 annually)
Type:  Tinto (Red)
Body:  Full
Palate:  Dry
Finish:  Smooth & Long
Grape Variety:
 Coupage of 60% Carinyena and 40% Syrah
ABV%: 15.0
18 months in 80% French oak in 225 l barrels
  Antoni Sánchez-Ortiz
Bodega: Clos Maria
Region: Catalunya, Tarragona
Designation of Origin (DOP): Montsant
Micro-Climate: Continental with cooling Mediterranean sea breezes, hot summer days & cool nights. 450l average annual rainfall
Elevation: 600 meters above sea level
Age of Vines: 19 to 21 years old
Soil: 98% old slate (llicorella) & 2% granite
Viticulture / Farming: Organic Farming - Terroir Driven


• Drink now or keep for up to 8 years
• Decant at least 30 minutes before serving
• Pairs with Tapas, Manchego or any cheese, Ibérico ham, Paté or any Spreads, Poultry, Pasta or Pizza, Legumes or Meat, stews and any rice-based dishes
• Ideal at 15/16 Celsius (Note: if you need to lower the temperature of the wine, do it before decanting it and preferably in iced water for about 8 to 10 minutes so reaches a temperature of about 12/13 Celsius, which will increase to 15 degrees once decanted and at room temperature)


Clos Maria is nestled away in a wild corner of the DO Montsant, on a protected natural reserve in the magic triangle between Siurana, Poboleda and Porrera. The Maria Valley Estate encompasses over 572 acres of land (230 hectares), 25 of which are planted (about 10 hectares), on 98% old slate (locally called llicorella) soils and 2% granite. The vineyards are terraced at varying altitudes and orientations, resembling natural amphitheatres.
The estate is organized around an old Catalan farmhouse from the XVII century conferring one of the richest vinicultural landscapes in Montsant or Priorat.


The heat-mitigating sea breezes and the singularity of llicorella (slate) soils produce bold wines at the highest and most expressive level. Yields are held under 1.6 tone per acre to maximize terroir expression. A careful berry selection from the top terraces is followed by a very strict sorting before crushing, to finally undergo a natural fermentation for 21 days. Period of ageing takes 18 months in 80% French oak barrels, adding complexity. No sulphites are added for bottling to preserve the aromatic perception and the aromas’ threshold.


Toni Sánchez-Ortiz has worked extensively within the context of producing world- class wines; both as a winemaker and as a viticulturist in the renowned appellation of Priorat. Paying tribute to the origins of this region, he has specialized in working with Garnatxa and Carinyena, being awarded best red wine from DO Tarragona during his stint with Cellar La Boella. He has also worked in New Zealand, Australia, California and Germany. Toni is well known for creating remarkable wines with a unique personality, and a detailed focus of expression on particular varietal and site. He lives with the conviction that great wine results from an intimate knowledge of the land. Which stems from his additional experience in vineyard management and his climate warming thesis as a PhD graduate from Universitat Rovira i Vilgili. Here he spearheaded an extensive project titled Climatic Warming and Grape and Wine Composition in the Priorat DOQ. This research and thesis continues to deepen both his knowledge and his skills as a winemaker.

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