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Coppa Joselito

$212.45 CAD

100% Natural, made in the traditional artisanal way with no additives or preservatives. Sustainable, ancient farming, and slow food.

Joselito Coppa (whole) 1 - 1.5kg:

Joselito is a culinary gem, acclaimed by the greatest gastronomic names and leading food critics worldwide.

The coppa undergoes a natural curing process of about 5 months. The cut is characterized for being a streaky piece of meat with decadent fat marbling giving it a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Each slice is bursting with intense aromas, and on the palate it is juicy and well balanced.

The highly protected 100% Iberian pigs graze freely their entire lives in dehesas (multifunctional pastureland) subsisting on a diet of wild acorns from Spanish Holm Oaks.

Due to being entirely hand made, the weight and fat marbling may vary slightly from piece to piece. The Coppa is vacuum sealed and wrapped in Joselito decorative wrapping paper.

Serving Tips & Storage

The Coppa should be removed from its packaging 24 hours before consumption, it can be hung from the string that's tied to one end. It is recommended to consume the Coppa at room temperature, between 20 and 25 ºC. Keep in a cool and dry place, and it should last many months...but you'll probably finish it before then.

Sustainability & Ancient Farming

The Pata Negra Iberian pigs graze freely their whole lives, mainly subsisting on a diet of wild acorns from the protected Spanish oaks that grow in the beautiful dehesas (pastures). This is slow food and sustainable production, with the oaks being taken care of for 250+ years by several generations. If cork oaks grow on the dehesa, the cork is also harvested once every 12 years.

This ancient agrosilvopastoral way of farming is essential to the Spanish culture and ecosystem. The dehesas are a positive way of economically supporting many rural communities and taking care of the landscape.

Joselito received the PEFC seal (program for the endorsement of forest certification), certifying their commitment to the environment. Since 2003 they have planted 536,831 holm oaks and cork oaks.

The company is also the first in the world to receive the international GGN seal, that guarantees that all their practices, both in animal care and in the preparation of their products, are responsible and respectful.

There are strict limits on how many pigs can live in one dehesa, with one pig per 3 hectares of land. There are also limits to Joselito's production, ensuring that it remains artisanal and never industrial.


100% Iberian Pata Negra ham and sea salt and pepper.


Coppa Joselito is characterized by an intense and prolonged taste on the palate. The exceptional marbling is skilfully distributed throughout the reddish flesh of different shades, and the delicate touch of pepper, adds grace. Coppa is balanced and easy on the tongue, capable of conquering any palate with its enveloping and refined flavour.

Nutritional Value per 100g

Joselito Coppa is rich in protein and contains vitamin B1, iron, zinc and magnesium, and is a totally natural food.

Energy value (Kcal/Kg) 1850 kJ 446 Kcal
Protein 30.9g
Carbohydrates 0g
Fat 35.8g of which : 

Saturated 11.4g
Monounsaturated 20.3g
Polyunsaturated 4.1g

Dietary fibre 0g
Salt 4.1g

Due to the artisanal preparation and the varying amount of fat marbling, some of the values described above may vary.

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