Ganadero Blanco

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This low-intervention white wine is elegant and complex with strong character.

A young, vibrant, and unaged wine made from 90% Macabeo, 5% Garnacha Blanca, and 5% Verdejo. The vines thrive at an altitude of 400 meters in Camarena (Toledo). As is the philosophy with all of Canopy’s wines, Ganadero Blanco is an expression of the terroir. Using sustainable viticulture, with no additives, the grapes fully express themselves and unleash the beautiful bouquet of the Sierra de Gredos. 

Straw yellow in colour, clear and bright. Floral and grassy notes complemented by hints of red and white fruits, fennel, strawberry and peach fill the nose, truly surprising in such a young wine. On the palate, it’s silky and surprisingly reminiscent of pineapple with mineral notes. Elegant with well-balanced acidity, its freshness is enticing whatever the season.

Ganadero Blanco pays tribute to women in the world of wine.


Annual Production: 5,000 bottles (The Club has access to 500 annually)
Blanco (White)
Grape Variety:
 Coupage of 90% Macabeo, 5% Garnacha Blanca & 5% Verdejo
Viticulture / Farming: Organic and sustainable Farming - Terroir Driven
ABV%: 12.5
Ageing:  It fermented in stainless steel tanks (no oak at all)
Winemakers:  Alfonso Chacón, Belarmino Fernández & Lorena Díaz
Bodega: Canopy
Region: Camarena, Toledo, Castilla la Mancha
Designation of Origin (DOC):  Méntrida
Micro-Climate: Continental - hot and dry summers
Elevation: 400 meters above sea level
Age of Vines: 25-45 years old
Soil: Granite & Silica


  •  Drink now or keep for up to 3 years
  • Serve chilled, no decanting necessary 
  • Pairs with Tapas, Salads, Paté or any Spreads, Poultry, Pasta or Pizza, Legumes, Fish dishes of all types, the well known Spanish dishes, and all Mediterranean and Asian rice-based dishes spiced but not too hot.


Bodegas Canopy treasure their old salvaged vines growing in the silica-granite soils of the Sierra de Gredos. They make sure never to use any kind of chemical or herbicide, in order to keep the soil of their vineyards like “veritable gardens, alive and thriving” in their own words.  

They understand that “biodiversity is crucial to maintaining an optimal ecosystem” and it is for this reason that their vines are so happy and healthy. The organic approach allows for the living soil and vineyard to develop natural predators to pests. 

The Garnacha blanca vines grow near the town of Ventas de Retamosa, in sandy clay soils at an altitude of 618 meters. The climate is continental, hot and dry.


The organic and low-intervention philosophy of Canopy continues in the winery. The grapes are handpicked and meticulously selected. Following grape treading (yes with feet!) in open vats of 1000 l capacity, they undergo pre-fermentation and temperature controlled maceration in order to extract all that the old vines have to offer. Naturally fermented in stainless steel vats and bottled unoaked.


Canopy is among the top wineries producing organic wines and recuperating ancestral Garnachas located at a high altitude in the beautiful "Sierra de Gredos” not far from Madrid. 

Belarmino Fernandez and Alfonso Chacon are the hardworking creators of these wines that, as the famed Michel Bettane said in Shanghai, represent the “renaissance of wines in Spain”. 

The vision of these oenologists, interested in what the terroir and the grape represent, has placed their wines at the same level as the best low-intervention French wines, perfectly defined by the term “vin de garage”. 

Their wines derive their authenticity straight from the land, by selecting the best vines, caring for them sustainably, clearly identifying each plot with only one or two barrels, and blending them in the bottle to create something out of this world.

Click here to read more about the winery on their website.

Ratings & Reviews

88 Points - Luis Gutiérrez (Robert Parker reviewer for Spain)

Notes from Luis Gutiérrez:
It is an easy-drinking and straightforward white blend.  It has white fruit and flower aromas and a tasty, supple palate; easy to drink and quite pleasant.


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