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El Nogal Marcona Almonds - Fried and Salted - 1kg


Marcona almonds, often referred to as the “Queen of Almonds,” are a gourmet variety from Spain, known for their uniquely sweet and buttery flavour. They are quite popular throughout the Mediterranean, and have been cultivated for thousands of years on the Iberian peninsula.

El Nogal Marcona almonds are lightly fried in olive oil to give them a snappy texture and  delicately salted to highlight their flavour. They make the perfect snack or aperitivo and pair well with almost any wine.

100% Natural and Artisanal
1KG Bag
Ready to eat

Monthly wine subscriptions (Aficionado, Maestro) are delivered during the last week of each month. If you reserve a case apart from your subscription we deliver it as soon as possible.
If we don't have any cases on hand in Toronto you can pre-order any number. Please note, pre-ordered cases can take from 3 - 16 weeks to arrive due to importing processes and regulations...but don't worry, wine only gets better with age!

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