Autenticos Viñadores

Chuzos de Punta

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93 Points - Luis Miguel Fernández


Heroically laidback, the easy-drinking and well-balanced fruity vibes of this wine are in stark contrast to the steep slopes of the Rio Sil valley where the very old indigenous Mencía vines grow. Heroic viticulture at its finest, with the vines sitting on slopes of about 45 degrees! 

This gorgeous example of a Mencía from the Ribeira Sacra is brilliant cherry red in colour with a violet rim. Enchanting aromas of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and mountain herbs. On the palate it’s light, fresh, smooth, and elegant all at the same time. With notes of dark ripe fruit and hints of spice.

Coming from the most prestigious subzone of the Ribeira Sacra D.O.P. this wine is a must try.


Annual Production: 3,940 bottles (The club has access to 300 annually)
  Tinto (Red)
Smooth & Long
Grape Variety:
 Coupage of 95% Mencía and 5% Merenzao
Viticulture / Farming: Sustainable - Terroir Driven
ABV%: 13.0
Ageing:  6 months in French oak barrels
Winemakers:  Luis Miguel Fernández and Ramón Marcos (viticulturist) 
Bodega: Auténticos Viñadores
Region: Galicia, province of Ourense
Designation of Origin (DOP): Ribeira Sacra, Subzone Amandi
Micro-Climate: Mild Continental/Atlantic, humid and cool
Elevation: Average 430 meters above sea level
Age of Vines: Over 50 years old (in Doade and Lobias)
Soil: Granite and slate


  • Drink now or keep for up to 8 years
  • No decanting necessary, just uncork 15/20 minutes before serving
  • Pairs with Tapas, Manchego or any cheese (cow, goat or sheep), Ibérico ham, Paté or any Spreads, Salads, Poultry, Pasta or Pizza, Legumes, Stews, Blue Fish or Meat, Game, all Mediterranean and Asian rice-based dishes spiced but not too hot.
  • Ideal at room temperature and also slightly chilled, at about 14/15 Celsius


The protected Ribeira Sacra DOP comprises 20 municipalities along the river Miño and the Sil in Galicia, north-west of Spain. Some of Spain’s most beautiful wines come from this small region. The vineyards sit on steep slopes either side of the rivers, on inclines of up to 45°. Earning them the well deserved title of heroic viticulture.

The soils are a mix of sand and silt composed of granite as well as clay. The terraces where the vines grow notably improved the quality of the soil, bringing more life into them. The climate is cool, the valley of the River Sil is more continental with fewer rainfalls, and the valley of the River Miño is more Atlantic with more rainfall. 

The very old vines are situated between Doade and Lobias, in the Amandi subzone, the most prestigious of the D.O. on the sloped banks of the River Sil with an ideal microclimate resulting in exceptional wines. The quality of the grapes grown on the steep slopes justifies the intense back-breaking effort required of heroic viticulture.


The grape bunches are manually harvested during the second week of September and transported in small crates down the steep slopes using a series of platforms and rails due to the high inclination. 

A second sorting and selection happens in the winery followed by natural fermentation in small stainless steel vats with temperature control. The wine is minimally aged for 6 months in 225 litre French oak barrels in order to maintain the character of the grape and the terroir.


Over 20 years ago, Ramón Marcos decided to put into practice everything he absorbed from the teachings of his family and began making his own wines. Now, wine and its culture is his life. 

With passion, Ramón tirelessly cares for his vineyards on the sloped banks of the river Sil, he’s an affable man who believes in family and doing things well. Ramón is an Auténtico Viñador.

Auténticos Viñadores (Authentic Viticulturists) was created by Luis Miguel Fernández, Albae’s sommelier and an expert winemaker; working with artisanal viñadores across various Spanish wine regions. This authentic Mencía wine is a collaboration between Luis Miguel and Ramón in la Ribeira Sacra, Galicia.


9.3/10 Luis Points - Note: Luis Miguel Fernández has established his own rating and categorization method and is now a well known independent wine reviewer in Spain.

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