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From The Sea - Ar de Arte Galician Seafood Conservas - Tasting Pack

$67.60 CAD

Ar De Arte Galician Seafood Conservas - Tasting Pack

A selection of the finest seafood conservas from Galicia. Bring the Mediterranean diet to your table with mussels, razor clams, scallops, and sardines prepared in various ways and ready to eat. Serve with a glass of dry white wine from Galicia, or a fino or manzanilla.

  • 1x Mejillones fritos en escabeche
    (Galician mussels in escabeche wine sauce)
  • 1x Sardinas en aceite de oliva
    (Galician sardines in olive oil)
  • 1x Navajas de rías Gallegas al natural
    (Galician razor clams in brine)
  • 1x Zamburiñas de rías Gallegas en salsa de vieira
    (Galician small scallops in vieira sauce)

100% artisanal and natural.
Package artwork by Galician artist, Fernando Rei.

Galician Mussels in Escabeche

Ar de Arte mussels come from the Ría de Arousa, considered the area with the best mussels in the world.

They are grown in a traditional Galician cultivation system, on small rafts, that respect the natural growth of this bivalve and ensure a sustainable relationship with nature.

After a meticulous selection for size and quality, the mussels are lightly fried just enough to give them firmness and texture. What gives the mussels their decadent yet home-cooked flavour is the traditional escabeche sauce, strictly made by Galician women who know the secrets to this recipe.

The sauce is a combination of dry white wine, wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, clove oil, bay leaves, pimenton, and various Mediterranean herbs and spices. 

Finally the mussels are packed into tins by hand.

Net weight: 110G
Drained weight: 70G

Galician Sardines in Olive Oil

Ar de Arte selects only the finest Galician sardines, making sure to respect sustainable fishing practices. Each fish is carefully washed with sea water before being lightly roasted on the grill. Each sardine is placed in the tin by hand and conserved with Spanish olive oil. 

Net weight: 110G
Drained weight: 84G

Galician Razor Clams in Brine

The freshest taste of the sea is the essence of Ar de Arte's razor clams. The Galician razor clams are captured by expert divers who know the areas where the best specimens grow. Preserved in a simple brine, just water with salt.

To appreciate the superior quality of these razor clams, Ar de Arte recommends eating them as is, but grilled garlic and lemon is a classic that does not disappoint. The razor calms characteristic "taste of the sea" opens the door to a whole world of culinary possibilities. Get creative!

Net weight: 115G
Drained weight: 65G

Galician Scallops in Vieira Sauce

Ar de Arte reinvented the traditional Spanish Vieira sauce to accompany a selection of the best Zamburiña scallops from Galicia. The sauce is made by hand in Spain with tomatoes, onions, olive oil, spices, salt, and slowly cooked to perfection. 12/16 pieces per can.

Net weight: 110G
Drained weight: 60G

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